Ann Elizabeth Ferguson

F, b. 1865, d. 8 April 1893
FatherThomas Ferguson1 b. 23 Aug 1833, d. 29 Nov 1864
MotherMargaret Ann Pendergast1 b. 1838, d. 28 Oct 1877
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Nickname  Ann Elizabeth Ferguson also went by the name of Annie. 
Birth*1865 She was born in 1865 at Beckwith Twp, Lanark County, Ontario
(Witness) Census18711871 She appeared on the 1871 Census of Montague Twp, Lanark County, Ontario, in the household of Robert Griffith and Amelia Ann Floyd
(with Uncle and Aunt) Census18811881 Ann Elizabeth Ferguson appeared on the 1881 Census of Beckwith Twp, Lanark County, Ontario in the household of her uncle and aunt, William Henry Pendergast and Anne Jane Saunders.2 
Marriage*24 February 1885 Ann Elizabeth Ferguson married Andrew Mordy, son of Joseph Mordy and Hannah Metcalf, on 24 February 1885 at Westmeath Twp, Renfrew County, Ontario.1 
Census1891*22 April 1891 Ann Elizabeth Ferguson and Andrew Mordy appeared on the 1891 Census of Westmeath Twp, Renfrew County, Ontario, enumerated 22 April 1891. Their children Elizabeth Watson, William John, Raymond and Charlotte Glen were listed as living with them.3 
Death*8 April 1893 Ann Elizabeth Ferguson died on 8 April 1893 at Westmeath Twp, Renfrew County, Ontario.4 
Burial* She was buried at Beachburg Union Cemetery, Westmeath Twp, Renfrew County, Ontario; Section 2.


Andrew Mordy b. 25 Aug 1859, d. 18 Mar 1932


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