Theron Akin

M, b. 23 May 1855, d. 26 March 1933
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Birth*23 May 1855 Theron Akin was born on 23 May 1855. 
Marriage* He married Jennie Shelp, daughter of David Shelp and Anna Elizabeth Wood
Death*26 March 1933 Theron Akin died on 26 March 1933 at age 77. 
Burial* He was buried at Pine Grove Cemetery, Tribes Hill, Montgomery County, New York.
Note* He a US Congressman. A dentist by profession, at various times in his political career he ran as a Republican, Democrat, and Independent, which earned him the title "The Man Without a Party". He was elected to represent New York's 25th District in the United States House of Representatives as a Progressive Republican, serving from 1911 to 1913, being defeated in 1912, and 1914. His one term was marked by unconventional actions - when Secretary of Agriculture James Wilson introduced a bill in Congress to study the crossing of an African Zebra with a Spanish Jack Ass to make a stronger work animal, he mocked him by asking for funding to cross an English Sparrow with an American Eagle. On one occasion he delivered a House speech condemning President Woodrow Wilson that was considered so foul and indecent, Congress voted it be expunged from all records. He later served as Mayor of Amsterdam, New York from 1920 to 1923, where he continued his unconventional tactic; he once disguised himself as a hoodlum and had himself arrested to investigate claims of abuse in the city's jail. He made an unsuccessful run at for Mayor in 1927, and his small town campaign antics became great fodder for national print media. He was especially featured for them in the "Saturday Evening Post", which ran several articles covering his "Pail and Lemon" rebuttal to Herbert Hoover's "Full Lunch Box" speech., in which for the year he listed his campaign expenses at one pail for 25 cents, and one lemon for 3 cents. (bio by: TERRY AKIN.) 


Jennie Shelp b. 13 Mar 1865, d. Sep 1945