William John Porter

M, b. 28 October 1911, d. 15 May 1978
FatherJohn Jackson Porter1 b. 12 Mar 1881, d. 5 Oct 1969
MotherSarah Ann Pring1 b. 31 Jan 1891, d. 6 Feb 1978
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Birth*28 October 1911 William John Porter was born on 28 October 1911 at Island F, Restoule, Parry Sound District, Ontario.1 
(with Parents) Census19211 June 1921 He appeared on the 1921 Census of Evanturel Twp, Temiskaming District, Ontario in the household of his parents, John Jackson Porter and Sarah Ann Pring.2 
(with Parents) Census19311 June 1931 William John Porter appeared on the 1931 Census of Englehart, Temiskaming District, Ontario in the household of his parents, John Jackson Porter and Sarah Ann Pring
Marriage*January 1933 William John Porter married Valéda Marie Cloutier, daughter of Edmond Cloutier and Olive Dagenais, in January 1933 at Englehart, Temiskaming District, Ontario.3,4 
(Witness) Marriage7 January 1933 William John Porter witnessed the marriage of Adolf Ernest Klawitter and Harriet Elizabeth Hulcoop on 7 January 1933 at Kirkland Lake, Temiskaming District, Ontario
Photo*circa 1945 William John Porter and Valéda Marie Cloutier appeared in this photograph taken circa 1945.
(Witness) Photo1945 William John Porter and Orval Jackson Porter, Thomas Lloyd George Porter and Lester Harris Elijah Porter appeared in this photograph with John Jackson Porter taken 1945.
Voters*16 May 1949 William John Porter, plumber, appeared on the List of Voters of Englehart, Temiskaming District, Ontario dated 16 May 1949. Also enumerated at the same address was Valéda Marie Cloutier
Death*15 May 1978 William John Porter died on 15 May 1978 at age 66. 
Burial* He was buried at Englehart Cemetery, Englehart, Temiskaming District, Ontario.
Anecdote* William John Porter (Bill) born 28 October 1911 in Restoule Ontario was the eldest son of John Jackson and Sarah Porter. William moved along with his father and mother to Evanturel Township near Englehart Ontario in 1921. He worked in the bush to help support the family until the homestead was razed by the great fire of 1922, which engulfed much of North-Eastern Ontario.
     His family moved to Englehart and William went to work at the Park Garage for awhile to help support the family. He then found employment with the Temiskaming and Northern Ontario Railroad (T&NO) and continued working there until he crushed his foot prior to 1939.
     In January of 1933 William married Valeda Cloutier who had been born October 19, 1905 in Buckingham, Quebec. They eventually had three children: Eileen born September 10 1933, Doreen born August 19 1936 and Gerald born February 16 1941.
     William by this time was into the plumbing business and worked in partnership with Cecil Clarke. After the partnership dissolved, William went to work for the Englehart Water Works with Jerry Townes, where he worked until about 1942. He accepted a job with the Government as a plumber in Monteith Ontario, at the German prison camp. Valeda and the children would often board the train in Englehart and journey to Monteith for visits where William was staying, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lavallee.
     When the war was over in 1945, William returned to his family in Englehart and set up his own Plumbing and Heating business. Although money was tight and the hours hard and long, he proved a very good provider, husband and father. Being an excellent pool player, Bill sometime augmented his earnings by visiting the local pool hall above Norm Williams hardware store. He worked at plumbing until in 1955/56 he was offered permanent employment with the Ontario Liquor Control Board (LCBO) in Englehart. In 1961 he was offered, and accepted a management position of the Liquor Store in Elk Lake Ontario.
     Bill and Val built a new home overlooking the beautiful Montreal River. Later a new Liquor Store was built in Elk Lake and William managed it until his retirement from the LCBO in 1977.
     William and Val had decided to sell the house in Elk Lake as his health was deteriorating. They planned on moving to New Liskeard and taking an apartment. This was not to be however as the kidney related problems he had been suffering from for a few years worsened. He was admitted to the Englehart & District Hospital and shortly afterward he succumbed to complications of the disease on May 15, 1978. William is buried in the Englehart Cemetery.
     Valeda sold the home in Elk Lake and moved to an apartment in New Liskeard shortly after his death and resided there until she moved to a nursing home in Haileybury in 2002. In October 2004 she celebrated her 99th birthday and in December her 100th Christmas. After a very brief illness, Val passed away in New Liskeard Hospital on 08 June 2005 at the age of 99 years and 8 months. 


Valéda Marie Cloutier b. 19 Oct 1905, d. 8 Jun 2005


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