Mary L Shelp

F, b. 20 July 1856, d. 14 April 1937
FatherThomas W Shelp b. 22 Oct 1816, d. 29 Jan 1897
MotherCaroline R Hulce b. 21 Nov 1819, d. 15 Feb 1882
ChartsShelp Descendants (#1)
Shelp Descendants (#2)
Birth*20 July 1856 Mary L Shelp was born on 20 July 1856 at Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania
Marriage*1875 She married James S McKennett in 1875 at Omro, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
Marriage5 July 1892 Mary L Shelp married Frederick J Bennett, son of Elmer Bennett and Catherine Shelp, on 5 July 1892 at Omro, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
Death*14 April 1937 Mary L Shelp died on 14 April 1937 at Omro, Winnebago County, Wisconsin, at age 80. 
Note* She Subj: Shelp
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From: LSFossum

Thank you for the extensive information that you sent me! This has psyched me to get going again this branch of my family tree.

I am amazed how much information that I have and how little documentation to go with it! I spent a few hours at the Susquehanna County Library at Montrose, PA, (in the Fairhill area). They have files with copies of all the correspondence they have sent out in answer to queries. There was quite a bit on the Shelp family in terms of cemetery records there, copies of census records and tax records. But this of course is all for Generation 2 and 3 and further forward. Nothing really, on Christian and Elisabeth Bierman Shelp. I found Betty Arnesen's name and address there and corresponded with her. I got quite a bit of information from her that she had gotten from "a man" who wrote her - could have been you!!! Actually, I can read a little of the address on something she copied and sent me: 8th Ave S; …deral Way, WA 98003

I have seen Blackman's History of Susquehanna County, also Stockers. And the following information which I think I sent you that I found at Library of Congress. Its sounds like it may be on the web now from your notes.

The Records of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in the town of Schoharie, NY Vol. 1, transcribed by the NY Genealogical and Biographical Society. Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh, NYC Dec. 1914 F129.S55S5 Folio LibCong shelved in the LH&Greading room on the very back shelf behind the magazines:
p. 21: Birth and baptism of Jurgen Hendrich Parent: Christian Schelf; Sponsors: Jurgen Henrich Mann, Christian Ernst Ottmann, Elisabeth Barbara Sternberg. Mothers name is missing due to cut out portion.
p. 27: Birth of Johan Christian (no baptismal date given but probably Nov 21 given for entries above). Parent: Christian Schelf; Sponsor: Caspar Steiner and wife.
p. 38 Birth date for Maria Elisabeth (no baptismal date) parent: Christian Schelff and Maria Elisabeth; Sponsors: Jan Jamsen and his wife.
(The name may have been Schelpf)

Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Caughnawaga, now The Reformed Church of Fonda in the village of Fonda, Montgomery County, NY Vol 1 Vosburg (see above) F129.F67F6 Folio LibCong shelved in the LH&G reading room on the very back shelf behind the magazines:
baptised July 4, 1762 Margariet daughter of Christiaan Schulf and Elisabeth Bierman Sponsors: William and Catherine Snock.
Records are not complete. No marriages recorded until 1772. Baptisms from 1758.
Information on Christian's brother Henry's wife, son and son's family at: Graveyard by Mill Point Bridge, Glen Rd., on Farm before reaching the school house.

Most of generation 2 and 3 is from Descendants of Henry Wallbridge who married Anna Amos

I just have my records on MS Word. I started years ago on Wordstar and it just seems like SO MUCH to copy over into a genealogy program at this point.

I am also interested in tracing Jane Freedom and have absolutely nothing on her.

This is my lineage.
Generation 1:

JOHANN CHRISTIAN SHELP and/or his parents immigrated from Holland, although further back the family may have been from Germany. His father's name may have been Henry (Heinrich?) Shelp or Shallop. He was married 4 July 1752 (in Holland?) to ELISABETH BEIRMAN. They lived in Schoharie, NY where their first three children were born. Sometime between 1759 and 1762 they moved to Montgomery County, NY. They were early settlers of Glen, Mongomery County, NY. Children:

1. Jurgen Hendrich "Henry" Shelp born 18 August 1754, baptised 25 August 1754 at St Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY. He died 28 August 1817 at Glen, Montgomery, NY. He was married 13 October 1778 at the Log Church, Florida, (Warrensbush), Montgomery, NY to Catherine Conley born 20 August 1756 in Florida, Montgomery, NY, died 8 November 1841 Glen, NY. Eight children.

2. JOHANN CHRISTIAN SHELP, Jr. born 16 October 1756 at Schoharie, NY. See Generation 2

3. John Frederick Shelp born 1758 married Susannah Harrington 20 August 1790 at Schodack, NY. He was pro-British and moved to Russell County, Ontario. Nine children. Descendants in US and Ottawa.

4. Maria Elisabeth Shelp born 7 August 1759 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Schoharie, NY. She was married 12 January 1785 at Warrensbush, NY to Isaac Deline born 13 September 1761 German Flats, NY.

5. Elisabeth Margaret "Margaret" Shelp born 4 July 1762, baptised at Fonda, NY, died 18 January 1847 at LeRoy, Genesee, NY. She was married 4 September 1783 at First Dutch Reformed Church, Orange, Florida, Montgomery, NY by the Rev Thomas Romegue to John Gibson born 1755 Galloway Co, Scotland, died 25 September 1836 Caldonia, Livingston, NY. Eight children. Descendants in Washington State and Florida.

Generation 2:

CHRISTIAN SHELP, Jr. was born 16 October 1756 at Schoharie, NY, the son of Johann Christian and probably Elisabeth Bierman. His family moved in the 1760s to Montgomery County, NY where he spent his childhood. He was married at Charlestown, NY to JANE "JENNIE" FREEMAN born about 1761. They moved to Jessup Township, Susquehanna County, PA about 1812 where they were among the original settlers of the area. Their children moved to Pennsylvania with them, where they settled on a 400 acre tract of land. The region at that time was an unbroken wilderness which Christian and his sons cleared and transformed into cultivated fields. Christian was engaged in farming until his death 18 June 1826. Jane died in February 1841 at the age of 80 years. They are buried in Fair Hill Cemetery, in Jessup Twp. Their children were:

1. JOHN SHELP born 1791, married Abagail Wallbridge. See Generation 3.

2. Nathaniel Shelp married Margaret Pettingale.

3. Christian Shelp III born in Glen, NY 27 June 1796 and died 1 August 1881 at the age of 85. He married Hannah Pruyn from Charleston, NY and lived in a log house on the old Shelp homestead with his parents. Their children were: Maria J. Reisley; Henry C; Elizabeth Martin Siphers Porter; Margaret; Rosanna Lewis; Benjamin; Christopher; Charles.

4. Stephen Shelp died unmarried.

5. Henry Shelp born 27 May 1800 died 28 April 1878. He was married in 1825 to Betsey Maine born 9 April 1809, died 14 November 1880.

6. Elizabeth Shelp married Charles Davis.

7. Sally Shelp married Proctor Risley.

8. Jane Shelp married Andrew V. Stout.

9. Nancy Shelp married Henry Wallbridge, brother of Abagail who married John #1.

10. Catherine Shelp married Ezekiel Maine.

Generation 3: (I also have extensive data on the Wallbridge family, if anyone is interested.

JOHN SHELP, son of Christian Shelp, Jr. and Jane Freeman, was born about 1791 in Glen, Montgomery County, NY and in 1812 at the age of 21 moved with his parents and brothers and sisters to Jessup Township, Susquehanna County, PA.

He married ABAGAIL WALLBRIDGE, daughter of Lemuel and Elizabeth Wallbridge who lived just above the Shelps. Abagail was born in 1791 at Tolland, CT and moved to PA with her family sometime before 1812. John died 25 August 1856 at the age of 65. Abby died 12 April 1858 at the age of 67 at Jessup, PA. They are both buried in Fairdale Cemetery in Jessup Twp. Children:

1. Freeman Shelp married Sally Hill, four children.

2. THOMAS SHELP was married about 1840 to his first wife, Jane Hill, by whom he had one child (I know nothing more about this marriage or the child). He was married about 1850 to CAROLINE R. HULCE born November 1819 in Deposit, NY. Caroline was previously married 1 September 1842 to Arata(?) Shear who died about 1847. They probably resided in Susquehanna County, PA but moved sometime after 1856 to Omro, WI. They had five children:Ella, Martha, MARY B. SHELP (MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER),Thomas Harvey and John S. I have several generations down to myself, if you are interested.

3. Elizabeth Shelp married Windsor Ball.

4. Catharine "Kate" Shelp married Elmer Bennett (or Bonnett), eight children.

5. Stephen Shelp married (Margaret?) Stillwell, one child.

6. John Shelp, Jr. born 1 January 1823 died 2 June 1894 married Clarissa Lewis (1827-1897), three children.

7. Henry Shelp married Hannah Warner, four children.

8. Ezekiel Shelp married Harriet (or Catharine) Smith, three children.

9. Rev. William Shelp, M.D. born 18 December 1826 Jessup, PA died 29 April 1882, married Patience Robinson who died in childbirth in 1869. Fifteen children: Annie, Maria Green, Laura, Mathilda, Elizabeth, Nettie Dymond, Lucy, Ida, Willie, Eddie.

10. David Shelp married Jane Robinson, five children.

11. Addison Shelp married Maria Webster, four children. 

Family 1

James S McKennett

Family 2

Frederick J Bennett b. 1850