Matilda Shelp

F, b. 1851, d. 1936
FatherRev William M Shelp MD b. 18 Dec 1827, d. 29 Apr 1882
MotherPatience Robinson b. 26 Jun 1828, d. 28 Oct 1869
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Birth*1851 Matilda Shelp was born in 1851. 
Marriage* She married William Joseph Plummer
Death*1936 Matilda Shelp died in 1936. 
Note* She From Betty Arnesen.

Aunt Tillie was the black sheep.She received a Civil War Wife's Pension but she lived around. She quilted and mended. Her husband went West and never returned. I never heard of her child until a few years ago when Aunt Reba told me. Aunt Annie never told any of the relatives or, if she did, no one ever spoke of it. In those days it was a much worse crime than it is today! Aunt Til had diabetes so everyone hid the sweets.

From Betty Arnesen

Joseph Plummer was a Civil War Veteran, and Aunt Tillie collected his pension as long as she lived.
I always knew there was something very strange about her. After all the aunts (Annie, Lizzie, Nettie, etc) were gone, Aunt Reba told me that Aunt Til had an illegitimate daughter long after Joseph went West to seek his fortune. Aunt Annie's grand daughter, Marguerite Tuttle told me that Joseph sent her (Til) a gold ring (which Aunt Annie left to Marguerite) but no letter in the envelope. Joseph never returned and no one knew any more of him. Aunt Annie took the baby in and raised her as her own. She bore the name of Lula May Andre. She married a minister named Nicholas C. Shelp and passed away in 1904 and is buried in the Fairdale cemetery.

1910 Census Living with Laura. 

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William Joseph Plummer

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