Françoise Marthe Barton

F, b. circa 1653, d. 13 August 1699
FatherPhilippe Barton d. b Oct 1670
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Birth*circa 1653 Françoise Marthe Barton was born circa 1653 at St-Michel, Poitiers, Poitou, France
Marriage*7 October 1670 She married Joseph Chevalier, son of Jean Chevalier and Madeleine L'Heureux, on 7 October 1670 at Montréal, Québec
Death*13 August 1699 Françoise Marthe Barton died on 13 August 1699 at Montréal, Québec


Joseph Chevalier b. c 1644, d. 26 May 1721