Joseph Florian Cloutier

M, b. 10 October 1866, d. 9 August 1910
FatherRichard Cloutier b. 1839, d. 1897
MotherMarie-Zoé Nadeau b. 9 Aug 1842, d. 21 May 1921
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Birth*10 October 1866 Joseph Florian Cloutier was born on 10 October 1866 at St-Joseph-de-Beauce, Comté Beauce, Québec
Marriage*18 July 1893 He married Marie-Aurélie Cliche, daughter of Richard Cliche and Olive Cloutier, on 18 July 1893 at St-Joseph-de-Beauce, Comté Beauce, Québec
Photo* Joseph Florian Cloutier and Marie-Aurélie Cliche appeared in this photograph with Joseph Florian Cloutier.
Census1901*16 April 1901 Joseph Florian Cloutier and Marie-Aurélie Cliche appeared on the 1901 Census of St-Joseph-de-Beauce, Comté Beauce, Québec, enumerated 16 April 1901. Their children Fernande Marie Ludovic, Zélia Marie Angélique and Gustave were listed as living with them. 
Death*9 August 1910 Joseph Florian Cloutier died on 9 August 1910 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, at age 43, registration number 1156. 
Note* He died Aug. 30th 1910 at Prince Albert Saskatchewan. We asked for details as to the reasons that brought him and his family so far away from Québec and New England. The following story was told to us back in 1976, and was later confirmed by my father Joseph CLOUTIER.
Florian had started a wood mill on "La Grande Montagne" around the turn of the century, this with the financial aid of many relatives and friends, the first steam operated saw mill in the area of La Beauce. It took 20 pairs of oxen to pull the "Machinery" up the mountain, approximately 6 miles. But apparently things were quite difficult and he went bankrupt after a few years. In those days bankruptcy was taboo, "The great dishonor". One can imagine how he felt or maybe how some people treated him after that type of affair. His main idea was to get away and start a new life elsewhere. He had heard from some friends in Mass. there was work around Lawrence or Lowell, so he packed his bags and brought his family to N.E. After being there a little while and meeting other French Canadians and in particular some missionaries, he got talked into going to Saskatchewan with them and a few other French Canadians to establish a settlement. He thus once again packed his bags and brought his family back to Canada. He apparently went to Prince Albert in advance. While his family was on their way to Prince Albert, he in Prince Albert was about a farm lot available so he left alone to visit this lot and was caught in a big rain storm, he had to sleep outdoors, caught pneumonia and died. His family was notified while en route about his death. The children returned to La Grande Montagne while Aurelie continued to bury Florian. Once everybody was back in Québec our grandmother Aurélie was penniless and had to have financial aid from the Canadian government to return to La Beauce. She lived on the Grande Montagne and held a type of general store-cafe. Later on, influenced by relatives and friends and also the idea that people had : "A women with four children must not live alone" Aurélie remarried to a man called Napoleon ROY. He turned out to be a heavy drinker and ended up by beating her, this of course she couldn't accept so she threw him out of the house as we understand with the help of her two daughters Fernande and Zelia, the two boys being raised by two uncles (Gustave with his uncle Gustave priest at St Fabien P.Q. and Joseph with his Godfather priest Thomas NADEAU). Aurélie attempted to have her second marriage annulled, for she discovered some blood relation with Napoleon ROY and was about to succeed when Thomas CLOUTIER "priest" discovered that they had gotten married without a permit (special tax for blood relative to the 4th or 5th degree), so thinking that the right thing to do was to pay this permit, he got them back together, made them pay this permit and remarried them, he of course thought this was the right thing to do in the eyes of the Lord. But 2 or 3 months later things got rough and Mr. ROY got thrown out again but for good and Aurélie decided to return to Lowell Mass. area with three of her four children, Gustave stayed with his uncle to finish his school. Fernande and Zelia started to work in the local factories, Joseph continued his school and later took piano lessons from a certain Mrs. Lavaillier or Levallier.
In July 1984 was the 350th year celebration for the CLOUTIER in North America that took place in BEAUPORT P.Q.
I believe that this little story concerning Florian CLOUTIER and Aurélie CLICHE is something like the missing link that can answer some of the questions as why we are Americans and not French-Canadians. They deserve our respect and consideration
The following are suggested mottos for the CLOUTIERS from Casimir HEBERT'S book "Le beau nom des CLOUTIER", Montreal 1950

-Clavi vis maxima: Great is the force of a nail
-Clavo vis additur: A nail added will reinforce
-Clavum tenete rectum: Do your duty. 


Marie-Aurélie Cliche b. 29 Apr 1870, d. 1944