Enid Mary Clouthier

F, b. 1926, d. 16 September 2011
FatherJoseph Louis Clouthier b. 29 May 1904, d. 17 May 1994
MotherEdna Simone Charette b. 14 Oct 1907, d. 15 Jul 2007
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Birth*1926 Enid Mary Clouthier was born in 1926 at Ontario
Marriage*6 July 1943 She married Clifford Joseph Turcotte, son of Andrew Turcotte and Clara Emma St Jean, on 6 July 1943. 
Death*16 September 2011 Enid Mary Clouthier died on 16 September 2011 at Pembroke Regional Hospital, Pembroke, Renfrew County, Ontario.1 
Anecdote* Our Gracious Mom....

Mom’s Eulogy

In everyone’s lifetime we are faced with climbing mountains, today as I try to celebrate the lifetime of our mother, I am climbing one of those mountain.
It is with disbelief that I speak these words in memory of her because I thought she would never die. she was timeless, in her looks, in her love and in her ways.
Without writing a book, I will attempt to summarize the life of this amazing woman
My mother wore many hats, I will begin with her first hat that of a daughter.
As a daughter my mother was loving, respectful and helpful. She was devoted to her parents, never speaking ill of her parents, always grateful for the home she had and the beginning of her faith at the knee of her mother.
As a sister, always ready to listen, to help and to love her many brothers and sisters, more often like a mother to many of them. Her ten brothers, who she cherished, recognizing them all as unique and special. Her seven sisters, her giggle buddies, her confidants, she cherished each and every one of them.
As a friend, a listener, a helping hand, somewhere where all of them could come to laugh or to cry and always know there would never be judgment just understanding.
As a niece, not much younger than her aunts, she would always be up to a night of dancing, pranks, laughter and fun. She cherished her time with all of you.
As a wife, she was a stronghold, never faltering, honest, strong, loving, and patient and devoted even through all the difficult times. My mother never needed to be up front she was content to be in the background, doing the work, serving everyone and never needing the recognition she so much deserved. When they say behind every great man there is a great woman they were watching my mother. From doing the books, to shopping for the lumber camps, to settling the disputes in the rentals, to driving the tow truck she did it all.
She never doubted my father as a provider, she never questioned his love for her but when she needed to she would stand up to my father and set him straight. In her day, that wasn’t always the norm. This is where she taught us where to draw the line in our marriages. Thanks Mom for that. Too bad for all our husbands.

As a mother. I did not really understand or appreciate my mother until I had children myself….and as a mother I am awed at what she was able to do. Our mother was small but mighty. There was not one of us, from the six big boys, to the seven girls that did not fear her wrath. But at the same time we never doubted her love. Her love was perhaps taken for granted, it was just a given, always there, not matter what we did….and thank god for that, we did lots, especially the boys. Perhaps, what is most amazing to me is that mom was not only a mother to the 13 children she gave birth to, but was considered mother to almost everyone who came into contact with her. She set no barrier and her love was expansive enough to include anyone who came to know her, including the in-laws and so many of our friends.

As a Grandmother. Our children and our children’s children have truly been blessed by this awesome woman. She was by all accounts, a cool granny. When they needed a mother, she was there, when they needed a friend, she was it. She laughed with them, cried with them and when they needed it, she would scold them. In our extended family there are x grandchildren and it is ever expanding. Mom recognized every child, and perhaps most importantly made every child feel loved and accepted and special. Every one of them would attest to their special memories of their granny.

As a Mentor. For me, this is mom’s most powerful role. She taught us that it was not the size of your effort or accomplishments it was the love you did it with. She had a way of being able to say almost anything to anyone and getting away with it because it was always known to be said out of love. She had a gift to read people’s hearts, to respond to the need in your heart and give you hope. She believed that everything happened for a reason, she accepted whatever came her way as God’s will, even the most painful hardships and would find strength in her faith, love and devotion to God and her family to carry on. She was not a gossiper, when she talked she didn’t mince words, she tackled things head on, her strength was never proportionate to her stature. Maybe that is why the boys moved when she spoke. Mom prayed everyday, thousands of prayers, for everyone, even strangers. Mom believed that the answers for all life’s questions could be found in prayers. Her life and her accomplishments are a testimony to that truth.

Mom had a saying for everything. Some of my favorites were:

There is no one in your path that is not there for a reason....
Better to light a candle then to curse the darkness...this was directly from her christophers course....
Where there is anger there is no room for love.
God gives everyone gifts, time opens all of them
Don’t judge that is God’s job
Everything in life that is good is God

When I think of Mom I think of faith, laughter, love and forgiveness. She would always ask us, what joy have you brought to this day? She brought joy to everyday, How many of us can say that in our walk of life? Mom never asked what was I meant to do in this life she was too busy doing it. She knew her place, her role, she saw what had to be done, and did it. She never wanted much but expected us to be all that we could be, to use our gifts to make others lives better. She taught us to think of others first, something that is greatly needed in today’s’ world of me, me, me.

Mom was never afraid to die, she was always ready, at the end as she started to watch her loved ones go one by one to God and her ability to serve others diminish she longed for God’s kingdom and to be reunited with my father and her relatives and friends.
Mom would always say that life is not a dress rehearsal, get going, forget the drama, don’t get distracted with the stupidity of this life, forgive, forget, enjoy the day and what it brings, be the face of God in everything you do to everyone you encounter. She didn’t preach that she lived it; the love we shared with her and our sorrow today for the loss of her in our lives is testimony to the everyday greatness of this amazing woman I had the privilege and blessing to call my Mom. I miss her already and will spend the rest of my life trying to be a small measure of her . 
Burial* She was buried at St. Columba Cemetery, Pembroke, Renfrew County, Ontario.


Clifford Joseph Turcotte b. 29 Dec 1923, d. 22 Jun 1996


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