The Thomas Ferguson Cemetery

In 1821, Thomas Ferguson, his wife Mary Barr and children, John, Jean, James, Thomas, Mary Ann, and Sarah immigrated from Johnstone, Scotland to settle on the E 1/2 lot 26, conc. 3, Dalhousie Township.

This corner of that lot became to family burial ground.

Known to be buried here:

Thomas 1783 - 1846

Son - James - 1811 - 1835

Daughter - Sarah - 1819 - 1860

Granddaughter - Mary - 1848 - 1854

It is know that other members of the family, particularly infants and small children are buried here.

Mary (Barr) Ferguson, wife of Thomas, b. 1780, d. Mar 21, 1863 is buried at the St. James Church, Hood's.

This plaque is placed by their many descendants, to honour their memory.